How to put a song on YouTube

How to put a song on YouTube

Are you going to upload a video to Youtube and you need to upload a certain song, chosen specifically but you don't know how to do it? Are you afraid that your video could infringe on copyrights and be deleted within a few hours from the platform? Fear not: thanks to this guide, you will find out how to put a song on youtube without running the risk of copyright infringement.

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How to put a song on YouTube

How to put a song on YouTube
As you surely already know, it is not possible to upload certain audio and / or video contents to YouTube because they are covered by copyright and, therefore, cannot be reproduced without the authorization of the author or the rights holder.

What you probably don't know, however, is that it is the audio content sharing platform itself that tells you which songs, if any, can be quietly used in new videos, perhaps as a background.

Are you curious to know how to discover the songs that you can use freely without restrictions and without the risk of your page being reported? So make yourself comfortable, start reading this guide and you will discover all the secrets of the magical world of YouTube.

How to find out which songs are not copyright infringement on YouTube

In the previous paragraph we told you that you can find out which songs do not infringe copyright directly from the platform, so let's see how to put a song on YouTube in a legal way.

First of all, even if it may seem obvious to you, you will need to log in to the home page of the site, using your Google credentials and, subsequently, you will be able to access the Creator Studio, which would be the section dedicated to uploading videos, reachable directly by clicking on your photo at the top right.

At this point, as if you wanted to upload a new video, click on Create and, once the submenu appears, select Music regulations: at this point you will see a list of songs, for which YouTube provides a description, which can be consulted clicking the down arrow corresponds to the song title.

If the phrase "This song cannot be used ..." appears, you don't need to read any further: avoid choosing it as the soundtrack of your videos.

If instead you read "If you use this song", it means that it is not copyrighted in Spain but that it can be blocked in other countries: YouTube also reports the number of countries and, if you click on the corresponding "i", it also gives you the entire list of the aforementioned nations.

Finally, if you intend to play a cover of the song, the platform will notify you if it can be blocked in some countries or if it will be playable all over the world.

How to select a song for your YouTube video

Now that you know with which parameters to choose the background song of your video, you just have to download it to use it in the realization or post production of your creation.

Also in this case, and here the thing might surprise you, it is YouTube again to meet you, allowing you to download the mp3 you are looking for in a totally free and immediate way.

To be able to choose the song to upload to your video, all you have to do is enter the Creator Studio section, click Create again and then choose the Audio Collection option.

At this point, a list of downloadable songs in mp3 format will appear: you can search for the title you need directly from the search bar and, once found, click on the Download icon (the down arrow, located at the bottom of right on each title line) to get the file.

The search can be carried out, as well as by title and author, also by genre, by musical instrument and, what is really very useful, by duration, in order to find a song that exactly covers the duration of your video.

What are other sites to download copyright-free music

How to put a song on YouTube
The procedures seen so far are very practical, as they allow you to carry out all the operations directly from YouTube, but what if you can't find the song you are looking for directly from the platform?

There are many sites that give the possibility to download copyright-free music in mp3 format, we list some of them below:

  • Free Music Archive, which, as can be easily understood from the name, is a real archive of songs that are no longer protected by copyright or that have been freely granted by the authors;
  • Bensound, which features a large amount of downloadable songs released under the Creative Commons license;
  • Freestockmusic, which allows you to search for downloadable music, upon registration to the site;
  • Soundjay, which presents, in addition to many songs, also a large amount of sound effects;
  • Jamendo, which is probably the best music-for-video database but which, unfortunately, requires the subscription of an individual license at a cost of 9,90 euros.

How to Put a Song on YouTube: Conclusions

Now that we have shown you step by step how to put a song on YouTube, you can give free rein to your creativity, using the backing track you want for your videos.

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