How to put New Post on Instagram

How to put New Post on Instagram

You are looking for a guide that will explain you in detail how to put New Post on Instagram? Very well, you found it! In the next lines we will go to show you in detail the procedure for inserting the sticker or the writing in the Stories published on the popular social network. It is not about anything long or complex: in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. Enjoy the reading!

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How to put New Post on Instagram

How to put New Post on Instagram

You've been taking a look at the Stories shared by other users lately and noticed that many of them have started reporting new posts published in the feed through the “New Post” sign / sticker. Intrigued, you tried to figure out for yourself how to integrate this feature into your content, but you couldn't.

Well, in the next lines we will go to see in detail how to put New Post on Instagram. Take five minutes of your free time to go and review our instructions: afterwards, you will have a more complete and precise picture on the subject, and you will be able to reach your goal. Are you ready? Great, let's go!

What is the New Post on Instagram for

In the first place it seems right to specify better what the New Post is and what it really is for. This is a function developed specifically to promote posts published in the social network photo feed. It is used in the Stories, or the contents that are the most used and viewed on Instagram.

For the latter reason, the posts published on the feed are likely to go a little unnoticed. To prevent this from happening, you can take advantage of the New Post and use the Stories as a vehicle through which to promote the latest post published in the feed. In this way there is no risk that it will lose visibility.

How to put New Post on smartphones and iPhones

First start the Instagram app on your smartphone, then tap on camera symbol (icon at the top left of the main screen of the app) and create the photo / video you want to publish to promote the new post published in the feed (you can obviously also import a content from the Gallery, just press on the thumbnail located at the bottom left and selecting the photo or video you are interested in).

Once this is done, tap on the smiling sticker symbol at the top right and write "New Post”In the search field at the top of the screen. Now tap on the sticker you want to insert in the Story and insert it in the place you prefer (just drag it with one finger, while you need two fingers to enlarge or resize it).

Alternatively, you can also use the text entry function: tap on "Aa" at the top right of the display and then type "New Post" with the keyboard, then tap on one of the colored dots at the bottom to choose the color of the test. At this point select the font you prefer and that's it! Click on "Your story" at the bottom left: you have successfully published the content with the words "New Post". The procedure analyzed for Android smartphones is also identical on iPhone.

How to put New Post on Instagram: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to put New Post on Instagram. The two methods we have indicated to you are both very valid, but the first can only be validly used by those who have unlocked a company profile. The second comes to the rescue of those who have not yet reached that level of follower.

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