How to recover unsaved Microsoft Word documents

How to recover unsaved Microsoft Word documents

How to recover unsaved Microsoft Word documents. Have you ever accidentally closed your Word 2016 document without saving? Accidents happen. But with Word, all is not lost. We will show you how to quickly get back to your work. We will also show you how to make the most of one Office feature called AutoRecover.

How to recover unsaved documents in Word

Here is the scenario. You are working on your Word document. Press the close button. A window appears asking if you want to save your changes. By mistake, click Do not save . Disaster!

First, open Word. Pass to File> Open . Here you will see a list of all your recent documents. At the bottom, click Restore unsaved documents . This will open a folder that contains all your unsaved documents from the last 4 days.

Just do it Double-click on the file to open it. You will see a message that this is a recovered file which is temporarily stored on your computer . you do click su Save with name and choose where to save your file again. Once you've chosen, go for it click su Save .

If you can't get to this step and are having trouble opening the file, it may be corrupted. Click on your file from the list and click on arrow of drop down menu next to apri . Here you can select Open and restore , which will try to fix any problems automatically.

Alternatively, if you want to manually access the unsaved documents folder, press the Windows key + R to open Run. Enter the following and press OK:


How to use AutoRecover on Microsoft Office

AutoRecover is a useful Office feature when Word is interrupted, such as if the system crashes or a power failure occurs.

To use AutoRecover, start Word and you should see the panel Document recovery . This will list all available files with their title and timestamp.

You can click on each file in turn to see what it contains. If there is something you want to save, click on arrow of drop down menu next to the file and do click su Save as ... Here you can choose where to save your file.

Word can only offer the documents recovered in this initial startup, so don't delay if there is anything you want to save.

How to customize AutoRecover

AutoRecover should be enabled by default, but let's check. Open Word and go up File> Options> Save . If it isn't already, select Save autosave information every X minutes .

It is recommended to adjust the 10 minute interval is a good idea.

Also, check Keep the latest AutoRecovered version if I close without saving .

Under this, you will find the path to the AutoRecover file . If you want to change it, click Browse ... , go to a folder path and do click su OK . However, the default folder path will probably be fine.


Hope this guide helped you recover the Word 2016 file that you thought was gone forever.

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