How to see Google history - Google stores all searches

How to see Google history - Google stores all searches

How to see Google history. Each time you search with the Google engine, this is stored.

See your Google history

view your Google search history, it's enough .

Here, you will find thelist of all searches made on Google over the years.

The websites displayed starting from the Google search results pages, the activities carried out on the various devices in your possession (where the same user account is configured), the driving directions requested from Google Maps and so on will be indicated.

On the My activities page, by clicking on Filter by date and product, it is possible to trace the searches carried out in a specific period while the search box allows you to quickly locate information you have searched for previously.

Clear your Google search history

Regardless of whether or not synchronization is enabled in Chrome, searches are by default tracked and stored on Google's servers.

To delete the Google search history, simply click on Delete activity by (in the left column) then choose Always and All products from the appropriate drop-down menus.

In case you want to first download a backup copy of all the information you are about to delete, you can use the Google Takeout tool, accessible .

After clicking on Delete then OK, you will need to give the final confirmation to delete the search history.

To ensure that Google refrains from storing future searches and all other activities related to the user account, simply click on the Activity management item in the left column (or) then disable the "switch" Web and app activities and click Suspend.

From the same screen, you can also choose to disable the location history and YouTube history as well as delete the recordings of all voice requests given to Google Now.

Clear your Google Now history.

The operation is very simple and can be done after logging in with the same Google account used on the Android device.

If you do not remember the Google account configured on your Android device, just access the operating system settings, scroll to locate the Account section and then tap Google.

From the Google configuration panel, therefore, it will be possible to check (and possibly listen to them) all the voice recordings stored on the servers of the Mountain View company.

clear the Google Now history just click on the button with three dots in the column and then select Delete options.

By clicking on Advanced then on From the beginning, you will be able to delete the entire Google Now history together with all audio recordings.

To confirm your choice, you will have to press the Delete button twice.
Google informs that deleting the Google Now history could adversely affect the accuracy of the voice recognition.

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