How to see Instagram Private Profile

How to see Instagram Private Profile

Have you just signed up on Instagram, have you discovered that it is possible to set the profile as private and you want to understand how safe it is? Or do you want to stick to your friend's profile without letting him know that you follow him? Then you are in the right place: with this guide you will find out how to see Instagram private profile of a member.

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How to see Instagram Private Profile

How to see Instagram Private Profile
First of all, it is good that you know that the only way to see a private Instagram profile is to request friendship and wait for the other person to accept it if they want you to see what they post.

This will probably seem trivial and discourage you from reading but wait: in this guide we will also explain some tricks to follow a private profile without following it.

But know that they are not 100% working methods, so you can try to apply them and they may help you achieve your goal.

Finally, it is good to specify that these indications that we will give you, in and of themselves, do not violate the policy of Instagram, but you may find yourself violating it if you misuse it: for this reason, before starting, we recommend that you read the rules of the social network and respect them.

Now that we've made it clear everything you need to know before trying to follow a private profile, let's get started with our guide. Are you ready? Smartphone in hand and let's get started!

How to send request to follow private profile

The safest and most regular way to see a private profile, as we have already anticipated, is to make a friend request or rather, in the jargon of Instagram, request to follow the contact with a private profile.

Submitting a request is very simple: once you have entered Instagram from your smartphone, tap on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom menu and, once the search bar at the top is displayed, write the nickname of the private profile that you interested to follow.

At this point, by selecting the contact, you will find yourself on his profile, in which you will read the message "This account is private": press the "Follow" button and, immediately, you will notice that the writing will change to "Request sent".

From now on, all you have to do is wait for the contact to decide to accept your request and, when they do, you can follow their posts.

Follow an Instagram profile through other social networks

As you may have guessed, a private profile has a very high degree of account protection, so even if a post includes a hashtag, you will not find either the post or the profile following that specific label, as only the contacts of that person will be able to view them.

However, there are, as anticipated, some tricks that you can apply to reach your goal without necessarily having to ask the contact to follow you: these are completely legitimate tricks and that, if applied, it is not certain that they can actually allow you to follow the classified profile.

The first method you might use is a bit of a wacky one and involves this person has already accepted your friendship on another social network, for example Facebook.

As you well know, when you publish a content on Instagram, the app asks you if you intend to share the same on other social networks too: in case the person you are interested in also shares his posts on Facebook, you can follow her from there without having to ask her for friendship on Instagram.

As you can see, this trick has big limits: the person must be your friend or follower on another social network, he must not present blocks and he must publish his contents on this other social network.

Follow an Instagram profile with another account

How to see Instagram Private Profile
Another method, which however we recommend you to use always keeping in mind the Instagram regulation, is to create a second account: this trick does not violate any social rule, but it is good that you use this second account very carefully and without offending anyone.

You can add a secondary account to the app by following these simple steps: tap on the little man icon at the bottom right and you will access your personal profile, select the hamburger menu (the three lines) at the top right and, immediately after, click on Settings at the bottom right.

In the settings menu, then, tap on “Add account” and then log in with the new account, if you have already created it, or select Sign up to create a new profile.

In case you do not want to apply this catfish strategy, you can always ask a friend or relative to follow the person you are interested in with their profile, but we advise you not to insist if this person does not want to play your game. .

How to see Instagram Private Profile: Conclusions

Now that you know how to see Instagram's private profile, we still advise you not to abuse these tricks: although they are completely legitimate, the person you follow "secretly", in case he finds out, may not take it well.

We therefore recommend that you ask her to follow her, do everything in the light of the sun, in the hope that she will accept your request as soon as possible. If you liked this guide, don't miss the others on the subject:
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