How to see who is online on Facebook

How to see who is online on Facebook

Are you wondering if you can see who is logged into Facebook while online? Well, you are in the right place! Through our article we will understand How to see who is online on Facebook giving you all the instructions to verify the presence of the user (even if hidden).

The Social platform, in addition to being a very important portal for news and the sharing of one's status, can be useful for exchanging messages and talking with friends. But come on Facebook is it possible to see if a friend is online? Absolutely yes and to do so it will be enough to verify a few information that we will see together.

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What to activate to see who is online on Facebook

Before leaving, let's see what the Pre-requisites must have to understand who can see users online on the platform and if there are some options to activate. First you have to obviously be subscribed to Facebook (here is the guide article on how to register without mobile number) and have download Messenger.

There are no external applications to understand the status of users but you have to use the resources of the most famous social network in the world. A very important element to find out who is online on Facebook is to activate the so-called option Status of Activity. This setting allows you to see who is online but also to be seen.

So if you want to see who is on the Social we tell you immediately that it is not possible, at least for now. However, you can see who is active by entering this option in the settings. Now let's see together how to do it and what are the other tools for verification.

How to see who is online on Facebook

How to see who is online on Facebook

We understand that it is possible see who is online on Facebook only through the official platform and without any type of external service. Now let's figure out how to activate the Activity Status.

The procedure from Tablet and Smartphone is very simple and consists ofinstall the Messenger app (present on both Android and iOS systems) from the playstore and the apple store. Now log in using your credentials and you will see the classic user profile with all open conversations.

Click on the profile icon (top right) and then click on Activity status. Now move the cursor up ON in the option Show when you are online. You have completed the necessary steps to see who is online but, as we told you before, now other users will be able to see you online too.

Well, if you've done everything, you just have to click on People and you will see who is online right now. Now you can click on the various users and start chatting in real time. How to see who is online on Facebook wasn't difficult but there is still something you should know, especially if you use your PC.

Procedure from Smartphone and Tablet

Before making further additions on how to activate the activity state on the PC here is a short list of steps to understand who is online on facebook from smartphones and tablets:

  • Download the Facebook Messenger App for Android and iOS
  • Log in with your credentials
  • Click on your profile icon
  • Click on activity status
  • Move the slider to On in Show when online
  • Click on People to check who is online

Procedure to PC

How to see who is online on Facebook

Let's say that you do not want to use your mobile phone or that you want to understand who is on the social network from yours PC. In this case the operation is not very different from that for Smartphone but it is good to do it correctly to avoid running into some errors or blocks (read the guide on Facebook does not work. What to do).

Access the official portal e enter your login credentials. Now click on the icon of Messenger at the top right (to the left of the notification icon). A small screen will open with all the chats present but you will have to click on Settings (the three dots renamed options).

Among the various chat settings you will find it Status of Activity which must be set as Active. If this option is already inserted you will see the writing deactivate the activity status and you will understand that everything is ok. Now you just have to go up see all on Messenger where you will be able to understand how to see who is online on Facebook right now.

To summarize the operations to be carried out to understand who is online on Facebook from PC here are all the necessary steps:

  • Log in to the Facebook portal
  • Enter your login credentials
  • Click on Messenger (top right)
  • Click on Options (3 dots)
  • Click on Activity for the Activity status
  • Go to see all on messenger to find out who is online

How to see who is online on Facebook. Conclusions

You should now have a complete overview of the steps to take to understand who is online on facebook. If the article served you, you can read other guides in our section dedicated to Social. Here is a guide that might be for you: How to turn on birthday notifications on Facebook.

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