How to speed up Microsoft Edge

How to speed up Microsoft Edge

How to speed up Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge also includes a flag menu that with the necessary precautions that we will explain in this article you can change settings to make the Microsoft browser even faster.

How to speed up Microsoft Edge

Come accedere al menu Flags in Edge

To access the flags in menu Microsoft Edge, start the browser, type about: flags in the address bar and press Submit .

When the menu is loaded for the first time, only two sections will be displayed: Developer settings e Standard preview . To access the complete list, press Ctrl + Shift + D . You will need to restart your browser before the changes you have made take effect.

Caution: the settings in the flag menu are experimental and primarily aimed at developers. As such, they may not perform as advertised and may disappear without notice. Proceed at your own risk.


WebRTC is an open source project that allows websites to perform real-time audio and video communications using peer-to-peer (P2P) communication. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is responsible for its standardization.

In general terms, it allows for voice calls, video chats, P2P file sharing and other related activities without the need for third party plugins or apps.

From the consumer's point of view, it has a flaw. By default, your IP address is visible to anyone connected to you.

if you go to Developer Settings> Hide my local IP address on WebRTC connections , you can quickly solve the problem.

How to speed up Microsoft Edge

TCP Fast Open

TCP Fast Open is an extension of the TCP protocol. In simple terms, TCP is a web standard that allows apps on the machine to establish and maintain a network connection. It ensures that the bytes exchanged are reliable and error free.

TCP Fast Open accelerates a TCP connection by using a cryptographic cookie to enable data exchange during the initial TCP handshake. Eliminate the original delay.

As long as both the client and the web server support the TCP Fast Open protocol, web pages load up to 10% faster. Some reports even claim that the improvements could be as high as 40%. TCP Fast Open web server support, you will see web pages load up to 10% faster. Some reports even claim that the improvements could be as high as 40%.

To permanently enable TCP Fast Open, go to Diagnostics> Network> Enable TCP Quick Open and select Everlasting activate from the drop-down menu.

How to speed up Microsoft Edge


Low consumption cards

The tweak is particularly useful when dealing with poorly managed pages. Too many sites come with JavaScript-heavy ads and endless parsing scripts. This setting will limit the amount of CPU power allocated to such cards, thereby speeding up browsing and improving battery life.

To enable flag, go to Diagnostics> JavaScript> Allow backgroud cards to be set to low power mode.

Note that this setting may have adverse effects on tabs that require extensive background processes to run. For example, notifications may be delayed or synchronization may not occur as quickly as expected.

Disable the Microsoft Compatibility List

Millions of websites use old technologies. You will find one every now and then. If the web technology is too old, modern web browsers will not be able to display the content. To combat the problem, Microsoft has developed a "compatibility list". If a site is listed, Edge will adapt the code so that it can display the page.

But the list raises questions. How up-to-date is it? Is Microsoft checking the sites for updates? And what if a page has been updated but is still on the list? You don't want to use the compatibility list unnecessarily; some elements on the page may not display correctly if you do.

To disable the list, go to Developer Settings> Use Microsoft Compatibility List . Yes, you might still come across an odd page that won't load, but if it's that bad, you probably don't want to waste your time with it anyway.

How to speed up Microsoft Edge

How to reset flags in Edge

If any of the flags you turned on caused problems, but you're not sure what the fault is, the simplest solution is to reset all flags to their default state and start over.

Resetting the flags is easy. Enter the flags menu by entering about: flags in the address bar, and simply click the button Reset all counters to their default value at the top of the window.

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