How to temporarily stop emails in Gmail

How to temporarily stop emails in Gmail

How to temporarily stop emails in Gmail thanks to this free extension. If you want to stop receiving your emails on Gmail this is the right solution.

Are you going on vacation or just don't want to receive emails on your Gmail inbox for a certain period of time?

This extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera will allow you to stop the arrival of emails on your Gmail account.

How to temporarily stop emails in Gmail with Boomerang

Boomerang is a very popular browser extension. When it first appeared on the Chrome web store, it was a tool that lets you schedule emails in Gmail. Since then, a number of new features have been added and it keeps getting better every day. The latest feature that Boomerang has added is a Pause feature. Allows you to temporarily stop emails in Gmail and Inbox by Gmail. You can set up an outgoing message that will let the people who email you to know that your mailbox is unreachable and you can list the senders who can exceed the pause set by you.

Suspend Emails Temporarily on Gmail

 and allow to connect with your Gmail account. Once installed, Boomerang adds a "Pause" button to the top left of Gmail. By default, mail is stopped indifferently to everyone.

How to temporarily stop emails in Gmail

Custom break period

When you pause emails in Gmail with Boomerang, a pop-up opens within Gmail. At the bottom, enable the “Automatically unpause” option. Click the drop-down list next to it and select how long you want your inbox to be inactive.

How to temporarily stop emails in Gmail

Auto-reply for paused inbox

When your inbox is paused, you will not receive new emails. People who email you during this time expect the email to arrive and be read. To deal with this, Boomerang has an automatic reply that is sent to anyone who sends you an email. You can compose your own auto reply message. Click inside the Auto-responder text box and write your custom message. Alternatively, you can turn off auto-reply if you want.

How to temporarily stop emails in Gmail

Allow only certain email addresses to be received on Gmail

Not all emails can be ignored even if your inbox is paused. Boomerang allows you to list important emails so they still arrive in your inbox. To list a sender, enable “Delivery exceptions” and enter an email address, domain or keyword. The domain whitelist option can be used so that all internal emails within your company are still delivered.

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