How to try Windows 11 on your browser

How to try Windows 11 on your browser

Don't feel like installing Windows 11 on your PC? Here's how to try it out in your favorite web browser.

Windows 11 is becoming more popular by the day and it is only natural that it will soon replace Windows 10 as Microsoft's primary operating system. While Microsoft hasn't fully implemented Windows 11 yet, insiders have already tried it for themselves in the past few months.

However, you are likely not comfortable with committing to a preview version of Windows 11, especially with all the bugs that may come from the work in progress. If you want to try everything new in Microsoft's starry operating system without installing anything, read on as we discuss how to try Windows 11 in a web browser.

How to try Windows 11 in a browser

A software developer named BlueEdge has developed one that allows Windows 11 to run in a browser. Simply visit the website and when prompted to type in a login password, press Submit to start exploring Windows 11.

Unfortunately, the website only offers a demo of the basic features offered by Microsoft in Windows 11. The interactive website supports some apps like Edge browser, Notepad, Terminal, Spotify, VScode, and the revamped Microsoft Store. You can also check out the Start menu and search interface, even if they're not fully functional.

It is important to note that this model of Windows 11 is available through the web browser, without any installation of any kind. This is not a virtual machine and is essentially developed to give you a decent idea of ​​what Windows 11 will look like.

BlueEdge developed the website on the React platform and licensed it under Creative Commons. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft takes down the BlueEdge website for copyright infringement. Either way, BlueEdge plans to add more features to the Windows 11 demo website; these include the redesigned File Explorer and possibly the Settings app as well.


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