How to use Hashtags on Instagram 2020 |

How to use Hashtags on Instagram 2020 | Social Media Agency in Milan with e-commerce, he explains how to use hashtags on instagram after the update of the social network in April 2020.
When the algorithm changes, the rules change accordingly the strategies.

To tell how to use the # hashtags is a cute cartoon created by the Social Media Agency of Milan, a kind of dog with very big ears. The site we recommend you visit is inspired by PacMan (

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How to use hashtags on Instagram 2020. The update

What are hashtags or hashtags? They are keywords or search keywords.
The steps:

- Before posting a photo, go to “Instagram Tags” and look for the keyword that best describes your photo.
- Once you have found the keyword, click on the search key
- Instagram will show you related keywords in bold just below your search key
- Copy and paste six related words into your post along with the one of your choice.

What not to do on Instagram 2020

- Don't post the #s in the comment below the photo.
- Do not put more than seven keywords.

Why is it important to use the “related keywords” strategy?

How to use Hashtags on Instagram 2020 |

If your goal is to finish your Instagram Post in the "Popular Instagram"You have to make sure that the social network immediately understands what your photo is about. When Ig shows related keys in a few words she is saying: if you want your post to end up in this category, use these words I suggested so that I can evaluate whether to include it in the popular together with the others.

If you notice when looking for a hashtag in the section Instagram tags, the social network shows popular posts first and then recent posts.
This is why it is essential to know how to use hashtags on Instagram in 2020 is the new "pusher" of the top influencers is a Social Media Agency in Milan, specializing in Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Also known abroad (Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Dubai, Doha, Moscow) for the design of some services.

To be a social media agency their story is atypical as from 2016 to the end of 2019 has grown in the old way, with word of mouth, without website or any kind of promotion, supplying mainly digital agencies, press offices, digital brand offices. in fashion and working closely with social media managers of top influencers.

In January 2020 they launch the site with attached e-commerce for the end customer. services preferred by Top Influencers and digital agencies

Popular Instagram Service

They have come up with a system that allows Instagrammer to send posts on the "popular Instagram" page for each search key entered in the post (the search key must be related to the one that best describes the content). Thanks to this trick, the post often goes to the "explore page".

This is the most effective service because it allows instagrammers to gain incredible visibility and to be able to saturate specific keywords by positioning themselves on Instagram.

Let's assume you have a handbag brand. Your goal is to be found by people interested in your bags. Thanks to this system, users who will search for "bags" in the Tag section they will surely find your photos for various keywords in the “Popular Instagram” section.
A new way to be found by those who are really interested.

To ensure that the posts end up in the "popular page" sends saves (which today are worth more than likes), likes, comments, impressions and reach in a well-defined time frame. On the site you will find several packages, the best are the Micro Influencer and the Tera Influencer.

Users who use the service can check the effectiveness immediately after posting (about 20 minutes later) by clicking on the hashtags inserted in the post or looking at the insights paying attention to the hashtags item.

Instagram comments from verified accounts

Over the years has created groups on Instagrammer Telegram, for the exchange of likes and comments. Unlike most of the groups on the web these are targeted and to use them you don't need to give your password, they are super safe as they don't use bots and they always work. There is also the option to have the free service by signing up for their Pod on their site.

They offer several comment packs. The groups are Spanish, American and a group consists of 700 people all verified by Instagram. Receiving feedback from verified accounts blows up engagement.

Thanks to the experience gained in fashion by the Milan social media agency team, Instasamy also deals with the creation of editorial plans (Instagram wall) with copy included of many brands and even some fashion magazines.

In 2017, thanks to the collaboration with Instasamy, Grazia Arabia Qatar was the first fashion magazine to cover the fashion shows in real time ready-to-wear and Haute Couture, publishing content post produced in a few minutes fashion shows and street style.

Other very valid services of the agency are: Instagram ads, Instagram filters, Instagram followers from Spain or from shoutouts, likes from groups and not from bots and TikTok shares very useful for sending posts in the “For You” section.

If you want to try the services of on the site you will find a 5% promotion.

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