How to use Narrator on Windows 11

How to use Narrator on Windows 11

Windows 11's new Narrator has excellent customization, right down to configuring the way it speaks.

Windows Narrator has been around for a long time as an essential accessibility feature. Help users navigate web pages, Windows apps, and more by reading text on the screen.

Since the release of Windows 11, many accessibility features have received significant updates. New features (such as more natural voices) make Narrator more powerful and customizable on Windows 11.

Read on as we discuss everything you need to know about setting up and using Windows 11 Narrator.

How to set up Narrator on Windows 11

Like other accessibility tools, you can configure Narrator to start automatically before or after logging into Windows or via a dedicated keyboard shortcut.

To set Narrator startup mode on your system:

  • Launch the Settings app from the menu Home and select Accessibilità from the sidebar.
  • In Vision , click the tab Voice assistant.
  • To enable Narrator immediately, turn on the toggle button Narrator.
  • If you want to automatically configure Narrator to start before or after signing in, expand the Narrator tab and select the required options .
  • To enable the Narrator keyboard shortcut ( Win + Ctrl + Enter ), enable the button keyboard shortcut for Narrator.
  • Similarly, you can also configure the automatic start of Narrator Home .

How to change the voice assistant voice on Windows 11

Windows 11 offers a lot of flexibility in customizing Narrator's voice to suit your preferences. You can choose from several voices to adjust the narration speed, pitch, volume and more.

To change Narrator voice settings on Windows 11:

  • pass to Settings> Accessibility> Narrator.
  • Select the drop-down menu Voice and choose your favorite Microsoft voice to change Narrator voice.
  • Alternatively, you can also add a different entry via the tab Add entries. Select Add items from the settings page Voice and choose a language pack.
  • You can adjust the speed, tone and volume of the narration from the respective control sliders.
  • If you want to change the default narration output device, connect the output device to your PC and select the device from the drop-down box Narrator audio output device.

How to set up Narrator voice on Windows 11

In addition to adjusting Narrator's voice, you can also change the verbosity or verbosity of Windows 11 Narrator. This essentially means how much detail Narrator provides when reading your screen.

Here's how you can adjust Windows Narrator verbosity:

  • Launch the app Settings i went his Accessibility> Narrator .
  • Select the drop-down menu Subscription verbosity and choose the level of narrative detail required.
  • Likewise, you can also decide how much detail Narrator provides when you interact with buttons or controls via the drop-down box Context level for buttons and controls.
  • If you want Narrator to notify you every time you press a key on your keyboard, you can enable the feature by expanding the tab Ask Narrator when I type. Windows allows you to choose to enable this feature for a specific group of keys (letters, numbers, function keys, etc.). You can select your preferences by selecting the required options.
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