How to use Storage Sense on Windows 11

How to use Storage Sense on Windows 11

Storage Sense is a handy way to keep your PC running out of space, and using it on Windows 11 is a little different than on Windows 10.

Running out of storage space on your PC is very frustrating. Insufficient disk space can degrade system performance and prevent the installation of new programs. When this happens, you will need to go through your files and programs to decide what gets deleted from your system.

In Windows 10 and 11, a built-in feature called Storage Sense can help you manage disk space more effectively and free up space automatically. The silent but effective system utility function makes Windows even better. Read on as we explain what Storage Sense is and how you can set it up on Windows 11.

What is the memory sensor?

Storage Sense is a built-in feature of Windows 10 and 11 that allows you to effectively manage the storage space on your PC. If you haven't configured Storage Sense yet, it will have been configured with the default settings. Storage Sense will automatically free up space by deleting unnecessary temporary files.

Through Storage Sense, you can even manage local cloud content associated with your Microsoft OneDrive account. What makes Storage Sense even better is that you can set up custom rules to define how you want files to be archived (or deleted) and when they can be duplicated.

How to configure the memory sensor on Windows 11

To manage your disk space intelligently, you will need to set up Storage Sense on your system. It's slightly different than in Windows 10, so here's how to do it on the newer system:

  • From the menu Home , search for Settings and select the best match.
  • Select System from the sidebar, then select the tab Storage-
  • In Storage management , click the toggle button Storage detection to enable it.
  • Now select Memory sensor and you can set custom rules to manage disk space. You can choose when Windows should run Storage Sense how often to delete files from the recycle bin and folder Download .
  • After selecting the desired options, click Run Storage Sense now.
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