How to use Windows 10 like a professional user

How to use Windows 10 like a professional user

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows from Microsoft. While it is a much more advanced version of Windows, some users migrating from Windows 7 or earlier may find that Windows 10 is too difficult to use. Today we're going to show you how to use Windows 10 like a pro!

The key to mastering the operating system is to know it thoroughly with all its features and shortcuts. We will divide the articles into sections.

Knowing the keyboard shortcuts MUST KNOW

Although Windows 10 is the advanced version of Windows, many keyboard shortcuts from the previous version have been preserved, but some new feature-specific shortcuts of Windows 10 are added. We will select those new specific to Windows 10. You can find the rest here

  1. Windows+A: Show Action Center
  2. Windows + C: Open Cortana
  3. Windows + I: Open the settings menu
  4. Windows+Ctrl+D: Add a new desktop
  5. Windows + Ctrl + Left Arrow / Right Arrow: Switch between desktops

These five shortcuts help increase productivity.

Using the start menu

Although the start menu was up to Windows 7, but in Windows 8 it was removed only to be added back in Windows 10. But in Windows 10, it is now much more advanced. Now him app modern (Applications downloaded from the Windows Store) may display various information in the "living tiles“From the start menu. To wear it like a pro, always put your most used apps in the spotlight and make sure they fit your large size. It also uses modern applications, for example, to send emails instead of depending on the browser, use "mail and calendar", the default application. Then you can activate your live cards and make sure you never miss an email. New email messages also appear in the Action Center.

How to use Windows 10 like a professional user
Start menu

Using the Windows Store

Like Play Store on Android or iTunes on iPhone, Windows Store is a universal store for Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile. You can download various applications for common uses. As instead of relying on slow browsers, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, Flipkart apps. You can find thousands of apps and games here.

How to use Windows 10 like a professional user
Windows shop

Or do you want to buy music or TV shows? No problem, the Windows Store has everything you need.

Use of modern applications versus classic applications

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced modern applications. These are applications developed specifically for use on touch devices, although they can still be used with a mouse and keyboard. They also have some features, generally not present in classic traditional software. Its features include ability to resize, automatic application update, no risk of malware and viruses, easy uninstallation etc. One of the cool features of modern apps is their ability to deliver instant notifications. For example, the Flipkart app provides notifications about new deals and offers. Although modern apps are less powerful than traditional apps, they are good enough to make things easier in our daily life. Try to use the most modern applications possible and add them to the home screen to receive notifications in real time.

How to use Windows 10 like a professional user
Moderna app flip kart
How to use Windows 10 like a professional user
Power Planner - Modern app to keep planning

Using the Action Center

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new feature called Action center. It is similar to the notification center on your mobile phone. That to organize all notifications from your system here. It even supports interaction with applications if the developer has enabled it. It also has several shortcuts for quick changes like wifi, bluetooth, screen brightness, airplane mode, etc.

How to use Windows 10 like a professional user
Action center

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more information!

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