If you are not interested in a remake or remaster game, you can not buy it

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If you are not interested in a remake or remaster game, you can simply not buy it. Speech as simple as it is difficult to understand, especially in a historical period in which everything is always analyzed in detail, both from the point of view strictly linked to the product, and from the communicative one. Let's talk about the scandal stone, this game that for many did not need a remake at the moment, The Last of Us Parte I (although the subject could be extended to many other games).

After the huge success of the second part, a better reception was probably expected from this Naughty Dog operation, but strangely it wasn't. A part of the fan base has been highly opposed to the presentation of The Last of Us Part I, defining it as something that is "unnecessary" seen and considered the presence of a more than valid remastered. Maybe these people have never entered The Last of Us Part II inside your PlayStation to say all this.

The Last of Us Part II it is an immense game from every point of view, it has an abysmal detachment from its predecessor. The thought of being able to relive certain scenes in a new guise has the same effect as when, for example, we found ourselves in front of the presentation of Final Fantasy VII Remake; with a technical gap of this kind it is reasonable to expect a production that we could define as almost “unedited”. Naughty Dog with The Last of Us Part I will put the two chapters on the same level, offering a decidedly high quality (and then who are we to decide that a 25-year-old game needs a remake and one from 10 years ago doesn't?).

There is also another thing to consider, or the turn that the saga has taken with The Last of Us Part II. There were indeed some points of conjunction between the two chapters that they were considered slightly forced, and now the team will have a chance to remedy that by retouching their key scenes and - why not? - insert others to deepen situations and characters.

Let's go back to the focus of the discussion: why complain so much? Naughty Dog has always been a development house that has gained esteem and trust over the years, knows perfectly the importance of The Last of Us and it is legitimate that it wants to give the experience that fans really deserve. Playing the first chapter today makes you turn up your noseasking the new generations to do it is almost unthinkable. If you ask me personally I can't wait to find myself in front of some specific moments, to see them even more real and beautiful, as indeed the original game looked like when it came out in the now distant 2013 (well 9 years ago).

When you say that the first The Last of Us has aged well, you may not realize how much the medium has evolved in its entirety: leaving out the technical side, certain design solutions in 2022 are quite outdated. The progression of The Last of Us Part II, although in line with his style and genre, it never gave that sense of repetition which, however, is found in the first chapter and how.

Then, quite frankly, there is always a need for The Last of Us. Both games are something unique within the gaming market and, as fans and gamers, we have the right to enjoy it as much as possible. Anyone who doesn't think this is right, or that the industry has no more ideas, then maybe they don't have a clear idea of ​​where they are actually heading. To stay on the subject of Naughty Dog, however, I remember that there is "only" a certain one Part III in development, although currently it has not yet been confirmed we know that it is a bit of the secret of pulcinella.

By virtue of this it is legitimate that the team is paving the way for the next chapter, correcting the shot of some choices and taking the right measures, so that we can do even better in the near future. Part I in this way will be a blast from the past that I can't wait to do, the complaints are zero also because, as the title suggests, you can not buy a product. Instead, as most likely will happen, The Last of Us Part I will receive a great welcome and will sell a lot, also because it will be purchased by all the new fans who have only recently approached the saga.

But then, no one forces you: the games don't have to be bought, if you don't like them you can throw yourself on something else, if you want to wait for the price to drop, between offers and used there will be a way to have The Last of Us Parte I at a lower price. Fortunately, the market is no longer a niche, and between mainstream games and indie pearls, every player can find their own game to flesh out.

Obviously, no one says that one's opinion should not be expressed on social media, but as regards this kind of operation - in the end it is always a market and not a charity - every time there is always a discontent of some kind, starting from complaints dedicated to the word remake (it is absurd to think that you have to have a scientific equation to define what is remake and what is not) and ending up with the choices of the software house, wrong for some people regardless. If we also add the console war to all this, a reason that pushes people to complain about an exclusive of the opposite faction, or perhaps about the fact that Spider-Man arrives on the PC (opening up to all those orphaned players of this experience), here is that we have the perfect recipe for the videogame media case. However, the solution is simple: if you are not interested in a remake or remaster game, you can just not buy it.

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