Instagram does not load stories: how to fix

Instagram does not load stories: how to fix

If you have come across this guide, it is because yours Instagram doesn't upload the stories: this is a problem common to many users, which can derive from very different causes. In the following tutorial we are going to explain to you the reasons why this can happen and above all how to solve this impasse situation. Make yourself comfortable and read the next lines carefully, let's go!

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Instagram doesn't upload the stories

Instagram does not load stories: how to fix

It can happen to everyone that, while you are using Instagram to see the stories published by friends or famous people, the social system manifests problems for which you cannot open its contents. However, it is not always an internal malfunction of the platform: the causes can be various, we in the following paragraphs will analyze the most common and frequent ones.

Take five minutes of free time: if you want to know why Instagram doesn't upload the stories and above all how to solve the problem, follow our instructions. Enjoy the reading!

Internal problems in Instagram

It may be that a bug has occurred within the social network, or a temporary error that could be solved simply by leaving and re-entering the app, or at most by restarting the smartphone. If this does not solve the problem, open the App Store or the Play Store and check if it is not necessary to make updates on the app itself. If the answer is yes, you will need to install them and restart Instagram.

In case even doing so won't change anything, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. However, at this point the problem is likely to be more serious than expected. In the following paragraph we see what may have happened.

Down of Instagram

In this case there is little to do: the problem is internal to Instagram, so we are right in the middle of a system malfunction. It's something that happens periodically, and often when Instagram goes down, even Facebook and WhatsApp have problems (to Mark Zuckerberg's desperation). To check if this is actually happening, we recommend that you go to

It is a platform in which the disservice by social networks, networks, telephone operators and much more is reported. Twitter is also a good "whistleblower": just enter the hashtag #instagramdown and see if other users are also experiencing problems of this type. The solution? Wait for everything to return to normal, nothing else can be done.

Smartphone connection

It will seem trivial, but theno data connection of your smartphone is the first cause to think about when Instagram doesn't work. It could also be that your Wi-Fi network is having problems. In short, in this case we are not faced with a disservice of the social network or a temporary bug: it is your phone that does not take! It could be a momentary problem, due to the fact that the connection does not arrive in the place where you are.

The situation is different for which there is a malfunction, but yours telephone operator. Also in this case we advise you to go to DownDetector and check if the operator with which you have subscribed a tariff plan is working or not. The reports of other users will give you the answers you are looking for.

Instagram blocker

It is the last cause we see, the one for which Instagram has decided to temporarily block you. When this occurs, the social network may have limited some functions, such as that relating to the display of stories. Be patient a few days: Instagram will block you and you can upload the stories again!

Instagram does not upload the stories: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of why Instagram doesn't upload the stories, as well as knowing how to behave when this happens. We hope we have been helpful. We just have to wish you good luck for everything, see you next time!

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