Iron Man: EA Motive and Marvel's videogame is coming, "it will be the first of many"

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Iron Man is ready to return: we are not talking about that of the films seen on the screen with the face of Robert Downey Jr., but of a new Iron Man in video game version in a totally experience single player, totally new and in third person, developed by Motive Studio. Let's talk about the software house under the aegis of Electronic Arts, which will lead the project Olivier Proulx, who previously worked on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

The team will feature fans of the theme and industry veterans such as Ian Frazier, Maëlenn Lumineau and JF Poirier. The game, as seen in the title dedicated to the Guardians of the Galaxy, will have an original story that will take its cue from the gigantic narrative dedicated to Tony Stark, thus telling the charisma, complexity and creative genius of the character, making the gamer feel just like Iron Man.

We are thrilled to partner with the talented Motive Studio to bring their original vision of one of the most important, loved and powerful characters. Their experience of bringing fantasy worlds and exciting gameplay - combined with their genuine passion for the icon in armor - will fuel our mission, to deliver a love letter in the form of the perfect Iron Man game. - Bill Rosemann, Vice President and Creative Director at Marvel Games

We remember that EA Motive Studio worked on Star Wars: Squadrons and is working on the remake of Dead Space. The game is in pre-production and new updates will be released during development. This is an exciting new collaboration between Electronic Arts and Marvel, with Iron Man being just the forerunner of a series of games.

It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to create a video game based on one of today's most iconic superheroes. We have a great opportunity to create a new and unique story that we can define as our own. Marvel encourages us to create something fresh. We have a lot of freedom, and this is engaging for the team. - Olivier Proulx, Executive Producer

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