Is Abandoned by Hideo Kojima? Here comes the final answer

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Abandoned is a mystery exclusive to PlayStation 5 announced by Blue Box Studios more than a year ago now. For the particular dynamics of the teaser, many fans believed that there could be behind the strange video game Hideo Kojima but the total absence of news in the last period has meant that every theory fell into oblivion; even making one think that the game might no longer be in development.
After the release of the teaser Blue box has repeatedly stated that Kojima has never been part of the development team but until a few hours ago, in the absence of official statements from the father of Metal Gear Solid, fans, clinging to strange theories, could not be convinced. The development of the game has in fact always been attributed to a certain Hasan Kahraman and the main thesis supported by Hideo Kojima fans were the same initials in the names of the two developers.

After a year, Kojima finally exposes himself on the issue, in response to an inherent question received during the last episode of his podcast "Brain Structure” the developer confirms his detachment from the Blue Box title, also expressing the annoyance he felt for all the times he was asked about it. Blue Box Studios took the opportunity to return to talk about Abandoned, far from abandoned and to thank Kojima for the clarifications, inviting fans not to disturb him further.

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