Is Silent Hill about to return? Actress talks about the leaked images

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During the course of the week, images of a hypothetical Silent Hill were leaked and it seems to have particularly affected the Brazilian actress Fadile Waked, who commented via social media where she says that her images have leaked everywhere and for this reason is bombarded with messages.

On her Instagram profile you can see a reference to the leaked images of Silent Hill, which Waked herself wanted to point out. In fact, it looks just like that the actress is confirming her presence or in any case his involvement in the project. He will probably play some role, giving face, body or voice to some character.

The bombardment of his social profile started from Reddit, where a real quiz game was held where users delighted in guessing who were the actors behind those images. A lot of people speculated that the girl was Waked, and tried to find evidence by writing her messages or commenting on her photos on Instagram.


Following the leaked images, reports have come out highlighting the fact that there may be more titles dedicated to Silent Hill. The projects appear to include also a remake of the second chapter, a new title in development and a demo very similar to that of PT, where Waked seems to have an important role.

In fact, according to many rumors, Konami had to hold a huge reveal during E3 of 2021, held in June. But for some reason they have decided not to reveal anything more. They will probably want to look for a way to connect all the dots, so to make sense of the whole picture. Also because it could be very risky for Konami to release a "bad" Silent Hill title, because it would risk that even survival horror fans would start to turn their backs. As it happened after the release of Metal Gear Survive. But that's another story.

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