Is Skyrim Anniversary Edition on Nintendo Switch close?

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Skyrim Anniversary Edition could be really close to Nintendo Switch release. In fact, it looks like Bethesda's title has received a rating from a Thai entity, which has often and willingly anticipated the release of many games.

The classification of Skyrim Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Switch is unfortunately no longer visible online, this could suggest that it was removed because its arrival is a mistake, or a preview of what's to come on Nintendo's hybrid console. Despite being no longer visible, the Switch Brazil website managed to take a screenshot.

The Bethesda RPG arrived last August on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the three ninth generation consoles: Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S e PlayStation 5 to celebrate the XNUMXth anniversary of the game.

Furthermore, it must be said that the Anniversary Edition follows the Legendary Edition released in 2013 and the Special Edition, which instead arrived on the shelves in 2016. For this reason, the Anniversary Edition includes everything that is available in the Special Edition, thus an improved version of the game along with the three expansions:

  • dawnguard
  • hearthfire
  • Dragonborn

Not only that, there are also 500 contents taken directly from the Creation Club, which includes quests, dungeons, boss fights, weapons and spells made by both Bethesda and RPG fans.

As for the new The Elder Scrolls, Todd Howard explained that he would like to release the sixth chapter as soon as possible, but it still takes years to develop it properly. Furthermore, he also pointed out to IGN that having such a long wait between games is not optimal.

Would you plan to have this kind of gap between Skyrim and the sequel, like us? I can't say that's a good thing. I wish I had a magic wand to immediately play the game we want to create. But there are other things we want to do. […] We felt we had to do something like Starfield. We started right after the release of Fallout 4, and we feel that if we don't do it now, when? And if we don't, that "when" could never be.

Speaking Starfield and Arkane game, Redfall, both have been postponed to next year, in our article you will find the reasons given by Bethesda.

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