It Takes Two coming to Nintendo Switch soon?

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An important leaker left another suggestion regarding the arrival of a new port on Nintendo Switch.

The Snitch is an important leaker in the world of video games and, after having anticipated numerous announcements related to the world of the video game industry in the past, recently suggested that a porting of It Takes Two would be coming to Nintendo Switch. That anticipation came from The Snitch via his private Discord channel.

The message emojis are a clear hint that It Takes Two is coming to Switch. The tree, the clock, the snow and the bee are all important elements in the title in question, these together with the green shorts which they are worn by Cody in the game.

It Takes Two is currently available on all other platforms except Nintendo Switch. Considering that porting games such as Doom, Crysis and The Witcher 3 have arrived on the Nintendo hybrid console, it is therefore not excluded that It Take Two can really make it to Switch. Obviously these they are mere speculationie until Nintendo itself makes the matter official, we invite you to take what you have read so far with a grain of salt.

In any case we may have some news during the next Nintendo Direct, which should be held in September according to recent rumors.

Source: Reddit
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