Juventus FC and Lega Serie A separate from Konami: what does the future hold?

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Definitive closure of the license agreement announced between Konami and Serie A League e Juventus. The exclusive that years ago highlighted the recovery of Pro Evolution Soccer, now called eFootball, now closes and reopens the games within a micro-sector of gaming in continuous evolution.

If in fact the separation between Konami and Lega Serie A, and between Konami and Juventus, could be a serious blow for the Japanese company, the videogame football sector is also changing due to the discourse linked to FIFA e EA.

According to Konami, the licensing agreement with Lega Serie A and Juventus FC will end and will not be terminated. On the contrary, the consensual separation it will not affect the game or even the players taken on Dream Team. Furthermore, the collaborations with Napoli, Lazio, AS Roma and Atalanta will remain in place, and therefore will be exclusive to eFootball.

Now eFootball will start looking for new licenses: it is already confirmed that Konami he will go to work to bring new clubs to the game, but all will be revealed only in the near future. What makes us think for now is the future of Juventus and Lega Serie A. If on the one hand, in fact FIFA 23 coins will come out again under EA, from the next game the federation has already announced interest in making a new game, while EA will throw itself on FC, a platform that will offer football no longer under the banner of the International Football Federation.

Recall that the mobile version of eFootball 2022 introduces the new "Dream Team" mode that allows players to create their own team, just like in the console version, and offers a new level of control that allows players to make decisions and change game tactics based on the football theories of the game. real world. The game will continue to preserve the real names of the great European clubs, the legends of football history and the weekly Live Updates of teams and individual players.

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