Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim – Review, following the footsteps of love

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Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim it's an original romantic dating simulator, which features i kaiju, monsters typical of Japanese science fiction. Developed by Squiddenshins and distributed by Top hat studios, Kaichu is a video game with a short duration and a limited number of actions to perform, which aims to the originality of the story and game mechanics, combining them with clean and colorful graphics. Released on September 7, 2022, the title is available on all platforms currently on the market and, in this review, the Nintendo Switch version has been considered.

Who am I engaged to?

Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim puts female and male gamers as Gigachu, a huge cute-looking pink and purple kaiju looking for a soul mate. This big "monster" has appeared in the middle of the ocean, and a television service informs viewers that it is looking for love by wandering the continents. The hosts of the program are a reporter and an expert on kaiju love affairs (although it is not clear where this skill comes from).

After choosing the preferred pronoun with which Gigachu will be spoken, the second step is to choose the "victim" of the courtship. There are 6 possible kaiju to choose from:

  • Mossra, looking like a giant moth;
  • seadora, marine animal with 3 heads;
  • Megaricus, kaiju linked to the birth of plants and mushrooms;
  • tephra, with a body covered in lava;
  • Garuda, resembling an eagle dominating the skies;
  • Ugly, shy kaiju with leathery features like a turtle.

Once you have chosen your preferred partner, the courtship can begin choosing a geographical point to go to. The game map is a very limited representation of the world, with 24 featured landmarks and famous places (such as Tokyo Tower or Kilimanjaro). By selecting a point on the map, Gigachu and the chosen partner will begin courting. The player will have to answer some questions: if he answers correctly, the two kaiju will unleash all their strength to tear down the monument that separates them, finally coming together, while if he answers incorrectly, however, the creatures may not be able to reunite.

The questions asked are rather particular, and knowing the answer in advance is almost impossible. The player might be asked, for example, if Gigachu likes to dance, or if he prefers nature to video games, and what kind of music he listens to. His tastes will have to be in line with those of the partner chosen to strike the spark of love.

Preserve the monuments of the world

The courtship between kaiju does not go unnoticed. Once enough points have been accumulated and, therefore, having destroyed a significant amount of historical monuments and natural wonders, a member of a special police team will decide to take action to stop the creatures from continuing to deface the environment. This is a fight that Gigachu and her partner, now in love, will have to continue to face by courting.

Instead of the usual monument, there will be a big one to separate them robot created to destroy them. By answering the questions correctly once again, the two kaiju will join forces to defeat the enemy and return to courting in love. The game is all here. Are present 6 different slots to start, to allow players to embark on the adventure with each of Gigachu's possible partners. However, however original the idea may be, this is not enough to give prestige to a game that seems, to all intents and purposes, created for a mobile device, to pass the time while waiting for your turn at the dentist or getting bored on the sofa. Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim is excessively short and simple, without twists and with very few mechanics to exploit. We hope, in the future, to see updates that perhaps enrich the courtship actions or the number of possible partners but, for now, everything is sparse and not very detailed.

  • Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim (Provato su Switch)5.5Voto Finale

    The game is the kaiju version of a dating site. The player takes on the role of Gigachu, looking for a possible partner to woo, to fulfill her dream of love. You can choose 6 different creatures to mate Gigachu with. The courtship ritual consists in answering some questions and hoping to align with the partner, in order to destroy the barriers and reunite. Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim appears to be a simple game, overly limited, with very few mechanics and a short duration.

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