Kenichi Okuma dies, the well-known composer of Super Smash Bros.

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The composer of Super Smash Bros., Kenichi Okuma is recently dead at the age of 56 years, exactly on the day of 22 July, uniting in mourning all the lovers of the fighting game saga Nintendo which is appreciated not only for its playful content, but also for scores often ready to remain in the minds of the players and to be recognized after only a few notes.

Honoring the composer, the director Sakurai he kept us, as you can read in the Tweet present below, to give his condolences, certainly an appreciable gesture, which was obviously not lacking by many fans who on this day have decided to leave some often touching messages, showing his regret towards what happened.

As explained on the pages of Nintendo Life, Kenichi Okuma's death occurred after a hard and long battle against a esophageal cancer, which unfortunately got the better of it in the end, leaving the world of video games in mourning.

ご 冥 福 を お 祈 り し ま す…。
『ス マ ブ ラ X』 で お 世 話 に な り ま し た が 、 後 の シ リ ー ズ で も 採用 さ れ て い る 曲 が あ り ま す。

— Masahiro Sakurai / Masahiro Sakurai (@Sora_Sakurai) July 25, 2022

We can only offer ours condolences to acquaintances and relatives of the composer known for the Super Smash Bros. saga, remembering that luckily we will be able to listen to Okuma's melodies forever, and that these have certainly raised the musical quality bar of the Smash brand and the world of video games.

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