King Arthur: Kinght's Tale - Review, our last trip to Avalon

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We talked about it for a really long time, perhaps even “too much” for the standards of this sector, yet the news, the insights and the attention of authors and fans have continued to fuel the project we are going to talk to you about today. Over a year ago we faced it in one very first build writing our preview. Subsequently, following further steps forward a year later, we were given a new build through which to feel the additions and improvements faced up to that moment (the month of February saw the release of our second preview article about). Now we finally have the full and complete version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale with the possibility of talking about it in a definitive one review.

The guys of NeocoreGames they involved us in the gestation of this title from the very beginning, laying the foundations for an experience that turned out to be curious at first and then interesting. The meat on the fire remains a lot, especially for lovers of the genre in which the game originates, only the general love shown so far remains to be noted.

Better remember 

Before we talk about King Arthur: Knight's Tale in a review it is good remember a minimum as we have seen so far, so from realign towards this final journey. As we all know at the base of the plot and above all of the world in the title we find the stories to compose the Arcturian cycle, of scholastic memory. There immortal fascination towards this world has undoubtedly played a prominent role in the attention to the project. Developed by NeocoreGames, the work on the game started from a Kickstarter in which the developers asked for monetary support in exchange for a first presentation of everything and subsequent updates. Initially the release was scheduled for March 29 subsequently moved for some production reasons. From all this a work led by a support continuous both fans and developers themselves, with continuous news and works to increase the play possibilities and improve the overall performance of the title.

As we also said above, King Arthur: Knight's Tales develops its plot starting from bases belonging to the mythology then overturn completely the roles and the point of view of the main character, such an attitude we have also seen in the review of Cruella (to make a comparison with another medium). The protagonist of whom we are going to take on the role, in fact, will not be the legendary King from which the name of the game is taken, but his nemesis: Mordred. Once again in the role of a villain ready to show us a context that we know from an unprecedented point of view. The game of perspectives remains one of the most curious ideas of an extremely classic title in its position. The primary objective will be to guide this particular character in a story that will see him in contact with historical companions and new acquaintances in this Avalon subjectively dark and dilapidated. Everything, of course, falls into our hands. If in the previous previews we only got to try a few acts of the game, this time the gates of the kingdom are there open in their entirety, finally offering us free will in the content field.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale, it is good to remember it also in this last review, develops its gameplay in a structure from isometric turn-based strategy, based on management through the mouse.


The possibilities of action are many (we have talked about it in depth in the past) as are the possibilities of "narration". From the point of view of writing, each trip will take on its own and distinctive characteristics compared to the others. This will be possible both through the multiple choices in dialogues, both in the various ways in which the gigantic game world. As also written above, the support has been designed so much by continuous updates and even structural improvements.

New trails

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale offre the two fundamental elements to enthusiasts, a solid gameplay and of classical root, and as you will read shortly in the review, a dynamism general in structure and writing. Now, with everyone and 4 the atti at our disposal the situation changes, opening the way to all the possibilities that until now we have only been able to imagine. These unpublished paths therefore lead to the much desired endgame (as far as we know there should be at least twenty of them, divided into missions unique with particular final clashes). The new exploration possibilities not only develop the plot, but lead to those as well characters that until now we had not yet been able to meet and including them in our ranks, and to unpublished events ready to test the definitive "morality chart". The moral system within the game it remains one of the most curious ideas, especially if we reflect on the origins of our own protagonist and on the “role-playing” possibilities that such a context offers. 

All these additions, merged with the attention we talked about previously, expand further the possibilities of a now immense title, of a world that continually urges you to do something, whether it is plot, side missions, special rewards, treasures or events, everything affects your journey and what will be its conclusion. The immensity that this project has reached remains unsettling, as remains curious management of the numerous issues resolved during this year. Ultimately this King Arthur: Knight's Tale turned out to be what we all expected, luckily: a very classic ready to shape itself according to the character of who is playing. An extremely familiar journey that evokes nostalgia but also courage and love in the final surrender of something immense, in the hope of even future support. The promises were therefore kept. Avalon is an inhospitable world as well tetra, obscure in its aesthetics. It will be up to us to explore all its ravines to discover its secrets and unlock a growth that inevitably leads to power. Growth not only of individual characters - with skills, equipment and classes - but of the world around us, through a system that pushes push forward, But also to handle the various settlements conquered along the way, in a context, including a narrative one, which needs to be “rebuilt”.

  • King Arthur: Knight's Tale (Tested on PC) 8 Final grade

    At the end of the day, this King Arthur: Knight's Tale has shown itself in its entirety, remaining consistent with what has been seen so far. We are talking about an extremely classic game in its approach - we knew it from the beginning - but still capable of entertaining and captivating to the end. The various narrative choices and the general dynamism, both in the plot and gameplay approaches, contribute to enrich a fresco that seems apparently anachronistic, while remaining consistent with a genre that still has a lot to tell even today. There remains the love of these developers towards a very large project and certainly aware of its possibilities.

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