King Arthur: Knight's Tale, our return to Camelot

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A year ago about we mentioned a title that had surprised us in its small way, while reminding us of many other products that have made their way in the same genre. King Arthur: Knight's Tale is one of those video games that exploits a well-established imagery, leveraging the attention of his audience and then engaging in all personal insights and digressions. As we told you in our previous preview article, it is a story that has its roots in Arthurian cycle of very famous memory and then completely shuffling the cards on the table. Developed by NeocoreGames at the time, the title was in early access (as it still is), and as its official release approaches, scheduled for 29 March su Steam, the developers have given us the opportunity to taste a few more "little bites" of this video game with a new preview, which allows us to further explore the possibilities of the game. The second act therefore awaits us and with it the hope that what we saw before today has been preserved and improved.

On the side of the bad guy

During our first preview of King Arthur: Knight's Tale we were offered the chance to explore only the first of the four acts that will make up the complete title. We then made the acquaintance of the protagonist, of those alongside him and of all the other dynamics available already in those early stages of the game. From a structural point of view, the title looks like the classic turn-based strategy to be managed with the mouse.

However, we have already talked about it in the past (if you are curious about the technical details you will find everything in the previous article), also mentioning the various possibilities management that the game made available in addition to secondary missions. The most curious trait of the whole experience remains his protagonist, that is the possibility to take on the role of Mordred and not of the legendary king who is the name of the title. Mordred is the ultimate evil in the plots of the Arthurian cycle and the choice to make him the main protagonist attracted us at the time and continues to do so, especially when there is also multiple possibilities for dialogue.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale però it has not stood still at all, its developers have been busy over the course of this year by continuing to support the project from month to month, from update to update, demonstrating the value they give both to their work and vision, and to community started forming starting right from Kickstarter. Listening to your followers has in fact proved decisive over time as a function of the improvements made, whether it be structural improvements, new small additions or real fixes.

Then following the updates step by step there have been several additions, from the inclusion of real ones missions, to that of characters e classes, up to the various balances regarding the difficulties game, and the great possibilities that players will have once the title is finished in the endgame phase, all always supported by detailed information and dedicated videos for all those who are investing money and expectations.

Again in the streets of Camelot

Now that we are back along the streets of Camelot le differences they are quite heard both in terms of structure that of possibility of approach. The various additions applied in recent months have certainly dynamized the title, also expanding its general sensations. Among these, the section section was also discussed PVP through which you can challenge other players with parties created on the spot, in one of the various arenas. 

In new build that we had the opportunity to feel, we were launched into the narrative maze of second act of the title (reminding you that at the end of the game King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be composed in total of 4 main acts, plus all the other small secrets that follow), more precisely in the 11 missions that make it up. At first glance, the title seems to continue to follow its own path through the various improvements made so far.

The situation is therefore quite smooth in general, even though it is still extremely classic. During our trip we also got the chance to do some digression from the aforementioned missions, exploring a part of Avalon that was previously unreachable and accessing its secondary missions, then to the microscopic details to draw it. If in the first part, for example, these secondary ones were not too thorough and linear enough in their development, here the situation changes a bit, also offering some more ideas and contextual details.

The feeling of being in a world live now it makes itself felt more, as well as that of one growth wider for your party. In our build we have in fact had the opportunity to grow the characters up to level 11, unlike the previous time when the cap was set at 6-7. This obviously resulted in a experimentation greater as regards the ability specifics of the characters in the party, resulting in a rather rewarding analysis of the current growth system.

Our possibilities, in any case, have not been limited only to this, also because a greater exploration both literal and narrative has also led to the arrival of new characters (with specific characteristics) and of new items ed equipment. All this merges with some of the aforementioned improvements and additions. In this second act, everything expands compared to the past, while maintaining some of the antiquated and classic dynamics seen in the previous build. This obviously will affect the perception of the title itself by the public both for good and for bad.

Growth e support therefore remain the two keywords to describe what is happening with this video game that gradually outlines its path. From what we have been able to see so far, the turn that King Arthur: Knight's Tale is taking would seem more and more promising, both because of the love that its developers are showing, and for the commitment in trying to always package everything. for the best. The feeling that a world is slowly taking shape under our feet is proving more and more tangible, even if we have not yet had the opportunity to see the "painting" in full. 

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