Kingdom Hearts IV: A detail suggests a crossover with Star Wars

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With the surprise announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV (we talked about it here), a trailer which showed the gameplay and Sora in action in the world of Square. However, a detail that appeared in the trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV would suggest a crossover with the Star Wars series.

In a clip of the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer, one can be seen forest and, in the background, some enthusiasts have noticed a detail that seems to suggest the presence of a foot belonging to an AT-ST, that is a combat vehicle present in the series of Star Wars.

This has led several fans to speculate that the game environment could be Endor, location presente in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, which would introduce, therefore, for the first time, the Star Wars saga in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

The support parts of the machine seem to coincide precisely with those of the AT-ST, in particular they are very reminiscent of the shapes of a hoof. If these images turn out to be true, it would represent a big step forward for the series, which previously focused on traditional Disney characters but, in this case, would expand its universe. also including figures from the universes of which Disney owns but not creators.

In this regard, Disney owns the rights to Star Wars for about a decade, but he hasn't yet included them in his hugely popular collaboration with Square Enix. This could also open doors for characters in the universe The Marvel movies, as well as the extensive catalog of contents of the 20th Century Fox which Disney recently acquired.

Of course, you need to remember that at the moment these are mere speculations and therefore, such information is placed in the category of rumor. Waiting for an official announcement, we refer you to our article about Nomura's words on Kingdom Hearts IV.

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