Kingdom Hearts IV is official, trailer revealed

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In the last few hours, in the general surprise, the first official teaser trailer di Kingdom Hearts IV, fourth numbered chapter of the famous RPG saga that unites the worlds of Square Enix titles to the universe of Disney characters.

The title was revealed during the event for the Kingdom Hearts XNUMXth anniversary, during which the first game images were shown, as you can see below:

Some KINGDOM HEARTS 4 screenshots

— Nibel (@Nibellion) April 10,

The trailer, which you can find at the top of the article, lasts over three minutes and is preceded by the phrase "The Lost MasterArc ". The trailer then continues with the sentence: “If this isn't the ending you wanted, if it brings you despair, then leave this world for another.” A dark entity appears in the sky before the trailer moves into an idyllic setting in the forest. The trailer then shows Sora on a sofa before it is revealed that the trailer takes place in Square, the world introduced in the third numbered chapter of the franchise.

After a few sequences in Computer Graphics, the trailer shows real stages of gameplay. During these stages of the trailer we see Sora deal with a gigantic Heartless.

The trailer ends by showing the Kingdom Hearts IV logo, plus a short sequence starring Donald Duck and Goofy. The phrase "Magic in the making" closes the trailer, thus suggesting that the title is under development.

This trailer overshadowed the announcement of two other announcements dedicated to the franchise, namely the update for Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road and the new mobile title Kingdom Hearts Missing Link.

In the current state of things it is not known when Kingdom Hearts IV will see the light, nor on which consoles the title will be released. What is certain is that such an announcement comes like a bolt from the blue and certainly new updates will arrive in the coming weeks.

The Kingdom Hearts series debuted on PlayStation 2 in March 2002 with the first chapter of the series. The franchise has since appeared on several platforms and has sold over 33 million units, as stated by the publisher Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts III, released in 2019, introduced for the first time worlds based on Pixar movies, including Toy Story. It was also the first game in the series to be released for the Xbox console.

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