Kingdom Hearts IV: Sora will say goodbye to his iconic shoes

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Today, Sunday April 10 2022On the occasion of 20th anniversary of the historic Kingdom Hearts franchise, the fourth chapter of the saga was announced surprisingly, one of which was shown first teaser trailer where it appears Sora, with different shoes from the ones she wore for two decades.

The protagonist's iconic shoes, very large and in a clown style, seem to have been placed in a closet in favor of smarter and more comfortable shoes, and smaller in size. Fans, excited at the news of Kingdom Hearts IV announced by Square Enix, Disney and the creator of the series Tetsuya Nomura, they carefully analyzed the teaser, immediately noting the aesthetic detail of Sora.

Following this analysis, viewers learned that, after a full 20 years, clown shoes have retired, turning into a normal pair of tennis shoes. The new shoes are undoubtedly beautiful, marrying well with Sora's aesthetic, but there is no denying that the old shoes, huge and colorful, were easy to memorize and turn into icon, while these risk being trivial.

A quick search on major social networks, most notably Twitter, has laid bare the reactions of the fans in front of the new fashion of shoes of the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts IV. People are processing the "loss" of old shoes with as varied comments as possible. Many have commented in a witty way but negative faced with the absence of clown shoes, while others were happy to see Sora finally authorizing them to wear normal footwear, which look comfortable and functional.

It wasn't just the shoes that drove the fans crazy. In one image, the boy even appears barefoot, while he is lying in a relaxed position on a sofa. Many have commented that, finally, they have been able to ascertain the proportionate and normal dimensions of Sora's feet, disguised by the huge shoes he has worn for 20 years.

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