Kingdom Hearts: released the pilot of the canceled series in 2003

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Il last month were disclose information on a project dead for 19 years now, serie animata su Kingdom Hearts. To give new information was one of the executive producers, Seth kearsley, of what should have been a television adaptation of the story of the first game, and among the new discoveries there is also the study for a possible pilot of the series.

The animation lasts just over 11 minutes, it spends a lot of its time showing and getting to know the different characters and the beginning of the story, and then showing some moments from the world of Agrabah in which Sora and Riku meet again and give each other a hand each other only to get lost again. The project had been canceled in 2003 by Disney itself, that we don't think he actually authorized the release of this video, therefore it remains uncertain how long it will be visible on youtube.

Said this, Keasley had his reasons to show us this animation. At the beginning of the year it was found in a near-fatal accident, and realized that if no one in the world ever saw what he was helping to create with this series, he would be hurt enough. So he armed himself with all the tools available to upload the work to youtube, from disclaimers regarding ownership of the work, to the claim that he does not want to receive any profit from the video.

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