Kingdom Hearts: Sigurd revealed as narrator in the two new trailers

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After the surprise announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, which we talked about in one of our articles, Square Enix never ceases to amaze fans. The encrypted message provided by Nomura during the twentieth anniversary event of the series has been decrypted, revealing that the narrator in the trailers of the two new chapters of Kingdom Hearts is Sigurd, thus sparking fan theories.

A few days ago, Square Enix surprisingly unveiled the trailers of the two new chapters of the series Kingdom Hearts, or Missing-Link e Kingdom Hearts IV. However, during the event for the twentieth anniversary of the saga, Tetsuya Nomura proposed an encrypted message containing hidden information.

In the last few hours, a fan has managed to decipher the puzzle, discovering that the narrator of the Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link trailers is actually Sigurd, one of the most enigmatic figures of the entire series. Sigurd is in fact a character from the world Ladder to Heaven, from Kingdom Hearts Union X, mobile title published for Android e iOS in 2017.

This discovery really surprised fans, sparking speculations about the future of Kingdom Hearts. In fact, this leads one to think that the new course taken by the series sees a stronger link between mobile and console titles.

Nomura's secret message in the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event venue has been deciphered! (via several Japanese fans such as @kh_skrvat)

"The voice's identity is Sigurd. Pay close attention."

— KH13 · for Kingdom Hearts (@KH13com) April 14, 2022

Thus, the young hooded character could take on a really relevant role later in the saga. Of course, at the moment these are mere speculations and nothing official has yet been confirmed. Kingdom Hearts IV will see Sora return to the world of Squareof which Nomura has unveiled new details. Therefore, it will be interesting to find out how the title will tie into Kingdom Hearts Union X.

Waiting for new information, we refer you to our article in which we expose you some analyzes and theories on the new title of Square Enix.

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