Knockout City: Ninja Turtles are coming

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La Gamescom 2022 held in Coloniain Germany it was an event full of announcements; among these we see the new dlc di Knockout city, an exciting crossover between the video game of Electronic Arts and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the ninja turtles protagonists of the homonymous comic written by Kevin Eastman e Peter laird and published by the US publishing house "Mirage Studios".

Knockout City is an action video game released on 21 Maggio 2021 on all major consoles on the market except for PlayStation 5 on which the 2 November of the same year. He's a multiplayer with dynamics very similar to dodgeball but characterized by types of balls with special effects such as the Moon Ball and the Bomb Ball and also the players will be able to roll up and be thrown by the companions.
The game features six different modes and five maps; the maps are nothing more than fragments of the futuristic city of Knockout city, which hides numerous pitfalls for the player. Among the six modes, the most particular are the Team KO, a variation of the classic team deathmatch, the Diamond Dash, in which players will collect diamonds dropped from defeated opponents and the Ball Up, a 4v4 mode where your teammates will launch to throw enemies off the field. We just have to wait for the new dlc in order to try all these dynamics as our favorite ninja turtle.

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