Knockout City will be free soon, the game moves away from Electronic Arts

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La 6 Season di Knockout city will be available free in the spring, and I will be self-published by Velan Studios, rather than being an original Electronic Arts.

This is the last week of Season 4, as reported by the official website. Knockout City Season 5 will be called Greatest Hits to celebrate the first anniversary of the title, and is in fact described as "a celebration of the best moments that have been offered by the first year of Knockout City".

Following this slogan, Season 5 will bring back Superpowers, Chain Reaction, Basketbrawl and other features of the Seasons so far, as well as a new special event and a new season of League Play. The most important news related to the game, however, is that concerning Season 6 which, in the spring, will be available for free and no longer tied a Electronic Arts.

The second year of the game will allow all users to play. Knockout City was already free, but only partially and up to a certain point, while soon it will be for everyone since from the beginning. A special Loyalty package in Season 6 it will be available to players who have purchased the title previously, offering XP boosts, 2000 Holobux and other bonuses as a thank you for the support.

As already mentioned, the move to free-to-play brings with it the fact that Velan Studios will now publish independently, moving away from Electronic Arts. The development studio stated:

We couldn't have introduced Knockout City to the world without the incredible support of EA Originals, but now that we move to free-to-play, the next step is of course for us to take over editorial responsibility, and work even closer. contact with the community. We have exciting plans for Knockout City, and making it in-house [at Velan Studios] will allow us to fully realize our vision for the game's long-term future.

For this reason Season 5 will have less content on offer compared to the previous ones, as Season 6 is preparing to be very rich. We remind you that Knockout City was part of the games made available for free in the service catalog Amazon PrimeGaming in September 2021.

Still relating to Prime Gaming, the free titles for the month of were announced a little while ago March 2022.

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