Koch Media changes its name, announced the rebranding as Plaion

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The announcement has arrived: starting today, Koch Media announced that all the companies of the group will be "victims" of a new rebranding; all together they will become "Plaion".

Over the past 28 years, we've built an incredibly strong business by partnering with many of the industry's best-known names. Since we joined the Group Embracer in 2018, our growth accelerated. We have analyzed the evolution of our business in terms not only of content, but also of geography as we continue our expansion around the world. Why change brands? We have chosen it to better represent who we are and the journey we are taking.

So he declared Klemens Kundratitz.

As stated in the press release issued by Plaion, the graphics concerning the representative character are a clear reference to the “play” button, a button universally recognized throughout the world, which embraces it. It thus represents the involvement and commitment of the company in the broad multimedia ecosystem in which it operates.

Finally, Kundratitz adds:

Our new name offers us the opportunity to consolidate our rich history and our exceptional network, constantly growing studies, development worldwide, to continue to provide exceptional service to our partners, to highlight our ambition to global player in the entertainment sector, but also to reinvent itself. Our vision is to support and inspire our teams and partners around the world, seeking to unleash their full potential. Our mission is to offer unique entertainment experiences, create a deep bond with our customers. Our industry is incredibly dynamic, the expectations of our customers and partners are constantly evolving and we know how to recognize it. Relying on our solid foundation as we embrace change will provide something new, something better. Like Plaion, we want to continue building successful years, striving to achieve more, much more. Plaion is the promise to offer exceptional entertainment to our customers. I am happy and proud to continue our journey under another skin.

Source: Twitter
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