Kojima Productions: the next title "will break the barrier between game and film"

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Hideo Kojima he returned to talk about his next project, once again with elusive and very random words, as he has always accustomed us, but also with some small and interesting details. The head of Kojima Productions in fact he discussed his own next title, and how it will be a project capable of scoring a new turning point for cinema and videogames.

As already mentioned, unfortunately, we do not know exactly what the good Hideo is referring to during the interview with Famitsu's colleagues, but of course we can try to speculate over his words and try to imagine a possible new chapter for the IP del producer.

We have known for some time that Kojima is trying a decidedly more concrete approach to the world of cinema, perhaps with a real film in development. In fact, the news had come in November the opening of a section dedicated to the world of movies and music, with joy for the countless fans of Kojima Productions, who are waiting for the next title with great anticipation.

This regardless of whatever it is, whether it is a videogames or a hybrid product for the media, with something that is halfway between the two universes. In fact, the Japanese developer has lent himself on numerous occasions to create real unique artistic "works", with video games with characteristics extremely cinematic, like the well-known Death Stranding.

Below we leave you an excerpt from the interview made by Kojima to Famitsu and taken up by the colleagues of Destructionoid:

A great title and a title that is a new challenge. As the boundaries of entertainment (will change) in the near future, I would like this to be a year in which we will take a step forward in the challenge of different (expression) mediums.

With these and other words we can imagine a title that could be halfway between the two universes and that may perhaps give a new sense of interactivity in the world of cinema. However, it seems very unlikely that the developer's words could refer to an FMV (interactive movies). Many fans immediately thought about the arrival for a possible and highly rumored Death Stranding 2, but with Kojima the last word is never said, and therefore we are waiting for the new product, whatever it is.

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