Kojima requests the removal of the leak on his new Overdose game

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A leak about the possible was recently published new game made by Hideo Kojima, which should be called Overdose. The news comes from Tom Henderson, who unveiled the new game via a report. Due to this leak, Kojima Productions has asked for the article to be removed but the insider has made it known that yes, at the moment the report is down, but only because there is an update that adds the fact that the software house led by Hideo Kojima has requested the removal of the article on Overdose. 

Tom Henderson made this news known through his official Twitter account, and also wanted to emphasize that his act does not want to be provocative or arrogant, but that the discussion he had with Hideo Kojima did not lead to no kind of hatred between the two sides

The report is temporarily down as I've added a small update but it needs to be approved (the beauty of writing at 6am).

The update just says "Update – Kojima Productions have since asked for the publication of this report to be removed which we have declined." on the report.

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) June 8, 2022

Overdose should be the new game made by the father of Metal Gear Solid and it also seems that - according to some leaks - the game designer will make an appearance during the Xbox & Bethesda showcase to launch a teaser. Obviously none of this is confirmed, but the two could be related. 


The reasons that could have pushed Kojima Productions to act and request the removal of the report could be two: the first is that it is a falsehood, and not to generate hype for something that does not exist and considering the period of "E3" would be counterproductive, since it would cause disappointment if it were not so. But the second possibility is obviously the opposite: the game exists and Kojima Productions has failed to keep it secret, thus ruining the surprise effect that should have triggered his arrival, partly damaging the hype that should have created the ad during a showcase or when the development house felt it was right to show the new project. For now it all remains a giant question mark, only time will tell the answer.

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