Kojima wants to become an AI to continue making games in 100 years

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Hideo Kojima has recently expressed his desire to continue producing video games even after his death through the use of Artificial intelligence.

Hideo Kojima is one of the most popular video game developers around and has been in the industry for many decades. At the ripe old age of 59 he turns out to be one of the most prolific directors in the industry, with several projects currently in the pipeline including Death Stranding 2 and an Xbox game.

Speaking to colleagues at IGN in a recent interview, Kojima revealed that he wants to lead Kojima Productions for the rest of his life and that he would like to continue leading the team even after his death. This wish of his could be fulfilled with the help of an Artificial Intelligence that can carry on his legacy.

I will continue to lead the team as long as I live, and all that matters to me is that our roots are kept intact. But you know, I will probably create an AI to continue my work. You have to be challenged in many different ways if you want to keep creating new things, so I guess I will continue to collaborate with others and accept new things like Artificial Intelligence as well.

Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that it is not so utopian to imagine the future of video games can be created by AIs. A first approach in this sense occurred with the recent High on Life.

Source: IGN
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