Krafton working on a well-known Korean fantasy, here is the trailer

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krafton, publisher of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and the Callisto Protocol, lately seems rather intent on wandering between different genres in the videogame environment. To accompany the famous battle royale and survival horror, a new title not yet well defined is now about to arrive. On the canal YouTube of Krafton has in fact recently appeared the trailer for an unannounced game that runs on U.

The nature of the game is still unknown and from the trailer it is not even possible to imagine what the type of gameplay might be; this is in fact defined a "visual concept trailer“, Therefore aimed at showing only what is in effect the general setting of the work. The game seems to be a fantasy openly inspired by the Korean novel by Yeongdo Lee, The Bird that Drinks Tears.
The trailer shows us the protagonist of the book, Kagan Draca, intent on doing what in the novel characterizes his nickname, exterminate Naga. Kagan is in fact known as "Nhaga Slayer“; i Naga they are mythological creatures hybrid between humans and snakes, typical of the Korean folklore that seems to characterize the work. The trailer is visually gorgeous and the setting doesn't seem to be outdone, we don't know much about the new Krafton title but, if it was their intention to create hype, undoubtedly they made it.

Fonte: YouTube Via: Twinfinite
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