Lady Dimitrescu will come true, a huge statue is coming

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Fans of the beloved and very tall Lady Dimitrescu, iconic villain of Resident evil village, are going to receive as a surprise from PureArts e Capcom a very special statue.

The well-known figure maker is preparing to create a Lady Dimitrescu majestic and very detailed, which can be pre-ordered today. The statue is a reproduction 1:4 scale, which means it is nearly 3 feet tall, that is almost a meter (89 cm to be exact). The weight of the imposing figure is also not to be overlooked, as it will hover around 13 pounds, which corresponds to about 6 kg. Lady Dimitrescu is in a sinuous position, with her left hand on her hip and her right hand that can squeeze the cigarette holder or pull out her long claws, depending on how threatening she is to be.

The statue will come with a tailored suit, corresponding to what Lady Dimitrescu wears in Resident Evil Village, and will be equipped with synthetic hair, a hat that can be removed at will and a base in faux wood and marble. To present the figure, which is sure to make fans fall in love with the character, an announcement trailer was made, in which the fearsome vampire is shown in all the majesty of her and from every angle.

The worst news, for those who want to grab a copy of Lady Dimitrescu, is the limit of the statues: it will, in fact, be a super limited edition which will include 100 exclusive PureArts replicas with Metal Key replicas and 666 standard replicas. Shipping will be for Europe, Canada, USA, UK, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

We recall that recently a woman posted, on her Facebook profile, an image that shows her incredible resemblance to Lady Dimitrescu, and which immediately became viral.

Furthermore, thanks to a mod, the villain has even entered the world of Bloodborne.

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