Lawrence on Bioshock: "We're doing what we want"

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The rumors about a possible film adaptation of the saga of Bioshock they have been around for some time and finally, after a long wait, news about it arrives. The film will be released by Netflix and directed by Francis Lawrence. The US streaming platform, as we know, is hardly able to satisfy the most loyal fans of the works it transforms into films and TV series but, in this case, it is the director who takes on the burden of reassuring the public.

Bioshock is a video game with a gloomy atmosphere, which deals with themes that cannot be defined as "family-friendly" and which therefore would hardly marry with the canons that usually apply on the streaming platform. The concern of the loyal fans of the game would therefore be that the "mood" of Bioshock could receive excessive softening, thus losing most of the details that characterize its charm.
Francis Lawrence intervenes to allay these concerns, it seems that at the moment the director has not received any pressure from Netflix and that he has total carte blanche for the rendering of the work. Obviously it is still too early to talk and he too prefers not to expose himself too much on the matter. The film will be inspired by the story of Jack, protagonist of the first Bioshock, arrived in the dystopian underwater city of Rapture following a plane crash.

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