Legacy of Kain, Crystal Dynamics listens to gamers

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After that Crystal Dynamics was acquired by Embracer Group, the studio began to think about the possibility of taking back some of the most important IPs, with Legacy of Kain in the front row. Through a survey, the studio asked players how much they would welcome a return of the iconic franchise, imagining an average reception from the public. The poll was launched in October, but it only took a few hours for the number of responses from fans to make themselves heard, with a result that now exceeds 100.000 responses.

Faced with such enthusiasm, the studio clearly did not remain impassive, responding to the community that the message has come loud and clear to the developers. Expressing gratitude and surprise, CEO Phil Rogers said at the latest investor conference that “We will be sharing Legacy of Kain status updates with you in the future.”

Although we are not faced with an official announcement, it looks like the studio will finally get the IP back in its hands, also taking advantage of the experience gained during all these years with important titles such as Tomb Raider.

Could this be a sequel? of a remake? Or most likely a reboot? We'll see, for now, the community can be optimistic.

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