Lenovo Legion: Interview with John Miedema in MGW 2022

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In the course of Milano Games Week & Cartoomix we were able to interview John Miedema, Head of Gaming at Lenovo Legion, the sports division of the luxury brand.

The leader of the gaming division told us what the vision of the brand is, how it will move in the near future and what the focus will be for next year: at the heart of all this is the style that has always distinguished Lenovo first and then Legion, a sports division dedicated to e-Sport, which arrived on the market after a massive launch that took place a few years ago.

The basic idea is to have a "sylish" brand on the outside [that meets aesthetic tastes] and have an aggressive product internally.

John told us first, then continuing with:

Our goal is to bring Legion products to the public, going a bit on the sly but offering something aesthetically unique, which gives valid performance while using it in everyday life.

Lenovo Legion's research lies in the hybrid solution:

We want to offer a product that is perfect if you intend to play it but that you can easily take to university or to work, favoring the combination of the raw power you need to run your favorite games, with a unique and recognizable aesthetic style.

For all the other details, find the video of the interview at the bottom of the article.

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