Lies of P: will the Pinocchio-themed soulslike be free with Game Pass?

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Lies of P It was first announced in May 2021, but no new details about the title have been revealed since. However, it was recently revealed that the game may be featured at the Gamescom 2022 in the Xbox booth.

Lies of P is a soulslike style action game which features a dark and modern version of Pinocchio. In Lies of P, humanity is lost in a once beautiful city that is now overrun with horrors and the player must lead Pinocchio in his quest to become human.

While we wait for Gamescom 2022 to get more information on the game, the well-known leaker The Snitch, which has proved to be quite reliable with the leaks of Hollow Knight Silksong e The Last of Us Part 1, in a recent tweet revealed that Lies of P could arrive on the Xbox Game Pass service on day one.

— The Snitch (@insider_wtf) August 20, 2022

The tweet contains a video that it is coded in morse code, but when it is decoded, the following sentence is revealed:

The wise man says you will find your way

Snitch always finds a way to make his leaks interesting. The words decoded by morse code come from the song by Kanye West Pinnochio Story. The green background of the video, on the other hand, it should be a reference to Xbox and Game Pass.

Lies of P on Gamepass day one

— Alex (@CONGOBILL1) August 20, 2022

Gamescom 2022 will take place from Wednesday 24th August to Sunday 28th August and, since both PlayStation and Nintendo will skip this year's event, Xbox will have the opportunity to be the absolute star of the event.

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