Lollipop Chainsaw Remake is coming, exit window revealed

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After being anticipated with a teaser, today it was finally confirmed: a remake di Lollipop Chainsaw is currently in the works, and is scheduled for release on next year. The announcement came from the publisher Dargami Games, although it has not yet been clarified what the final name of the game will be, nor what will be the platforms on which the game is expected to arrive.

What has been said, however, is that part of the team that worked on the original game will be working on the game, including Yoshimi Yasuda as a producer, as well as other new members of the Dargami Games development team.

However, the years have passed, so although we will aim to create a title inspired by the original, the goal - says Yasuda himself - is to offer players a couple of "key differences". First of all, as you can imagine given the size of the project and the age of the original game, we will aim to use a very more realistic to the graphic sector (thanks to the power of current generation hardware).

The second difference will instead lie in the colonna sonora, that in the remake the music tracks will be totally new.

The announcement of this remake comes in the year of XNUMXth anniversary of the game's release original, after the publisher bought the IP by Kadokawa Games, with the desire to give players the opportunity to play Lollipop Chainsaw again since, for now, the consoles from which fans can enjoy the title are very limited.

The metascore of the original game was not very flattering, and yet the character of the young woman cheerleader armed with chainsaw has managed to break through the hearts of millions of players. In the course of 2023 (perhaps a more precise window will be announced this winter) so we should see the game arrive on our new platforms, ready to find out if Lollipop Chainsaw with its remake will be lived up to expectations.

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