Lost Ark: server with problems? We assess the situation

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In the modern videogame world, video game launches are a tremendously complicated moment, both for the company and for the player: of course, one would think that when behind a title like Lost Ark there is a behemoth of the caliber of The Amazon the errors are minimized and instead the problems with the game servers have been enormous and continue to this day. Although the developer company Smilegate is doing his best to fix the situation, the actual explosion of the game (in positive terms) has been there, the expectations were of a number of connected players, certainly not as many as it has been.

Obviously every company expects the best for their title, the problem was the excessive effectiveness of communication probably: the title has actually been released for a year in Asia and North America for which some preparation was expected from the development team, but when you don't know how an industry thinks it's easy to be misled. Basically in a free-to-play launch it is customary not to carry out any stress-tests or real beta (if not internally) and it is "normal" that for how many employees a company may have, no one adds a million people simultaneously connected.

In light of the above, it is easy to reason that the developers of Lost Ark have basically prepared a field of action for the possible (not sure, mind you) players entering, are these present on the servers West America, East North America, Central Europe (what concerns us specifically) and South America, without being able in any way to predict such enormous success (also thanks to the "free" component of the game that will have attracted a generous amount of onlookers).

Despite the good intentions of the development team, to date Lost Ark is the second title that has over a million players connected simultaneously on Steam. What is the company doing to resolve access issues? He simply proposed the opening of a new European server, as it would seem that precisely in the “old continent” people still struggle to enter regularly and to lighten the load, this new solution was thought of.

What is certain is that if on the one hand the opening of a new server brings several benefits to those who have not yet logged in, on the other it's a nice dilemma for those who have already dedicated a few hours to the title and perhaps redeemed the bonuses obtained with the purchase of the founder packs, the packs that were sold before the title was launched.

To be forgiven for the inconveniences, however, both Smilegate and Amazon Games have prepared bonuses for the first of March of this year: all players who connect in the twenty-four hours of March XNUMXst will be entitled to a mount (a warhorse) and various bonuses such as potion packs, revitalizing feathers and bombs (consumables to be used in game).

In any case, to date, over ten days of "crystalline aura" have been given to everyone, a bonus that allows you to obtain both daily in-game currency (useful for purchasing upgrades in the shop) and passive bonuses in game to speed up the acquisition of experience on the character and reach the coveted level 50. Currently, if you try to access the game all in all there are queues ranging from nine hundred to three thousand people (depending on the server of course, Neria can even reach over 10.000) and on average you can get into the game in a time ranging from ten to thirty minutes, a sign that the company's effort is bearing fruit, considering that on day one and shortly after, the queues were from 10 to 20 thousand people for each server and there was the risk of playing even after three or four hours of waiting.

In short, although the donut did not come out with the hole (not entirely at least), we can say for sure that Lost Ark was not the only product to have this type of problem: even the most popular (and pay-to-play) MMO in the world World of Warcraft by Blizzard per century (today we could say Microsoft Activision / Blizzard given the recent events) had many problems at launch (and there it was a monthly payment game after all, so few expected such a thing).

There were also queues to access servers, as well as queues to kill mobs: if a mission involved a player killing a monster and that monster was "unique" (in the sense that the game generated one every few seconds), try to imagine three hundred people stuck in front of a bush waiting to hit the same enemy last. Yet despite everything, WoW thrived, revealing himself to be the undisputed king of the genre.

The same cannot be said of the Lost Ark cousin, that is N, he too congested with server problems at launch and then tormented by the scourge of bots that rage in the servers making it impossible for “regular” players to complete certain missions. The future for the isometric MMO of Smilegate however, it seems rosy, thanks to a component of players who do not give up on problems and who continue to want to be part of this excellent project: it remains to be seen how many contents will be released and how the roadmap will develop once the adjustment cycle is completed. For all the info, guides and news about it, I suggest you follow the game here.

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