Lost Ark: solved the login problems? The new European servers arrive

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The famous game free-to-play Lost Ark is going through some unpleasant moments in the last week, above all due to serious problems with the congested server infrastructure and in enormous difficulty in being able to manage an impressive amount of players who have poured into the IT infrastructures set up by the developers at the same time. That's why adding the new ones servers in Western Europe will probably be of great help in resolving the situation.

In our article dedicated to this topic, our good Patrizio goes to dissect many of the most serious problems that afflict the title, and the various solutions that the Smiligate guys are trying to put in place to file the insurmountable queues of players and the very long waits in front of the loading screens.

The situation on Lost Ark day one was definitely critical with over two or three hours straight and 20 mila player lined up on the most played single servers, with consequent serious problems for the title which, being an MMORPG title, obviously makes online one of its reasons for being. The situation had improved a lot during these days, with queues of a few thousand users and waiting for about ten minutes to enter.

Consequently, the announcement by the developers of new servers for the Old Continent should do nothing but improve in an even more incisive way the performance of the title, which should finally be able to welcome ever more numerous lines of players without forcing them to grueling waits in front of their PCs in the hope of being able to actually start playing.

The Europe West servers are now available. You may need to reboot the client to see EU West and the full list of servers available.

Thank you for your patience! https://t.co/okXR98EmOH

— Lost Ark (@playlostark) February 17, 2022

Western Europe servers are now available. You may need to restart the client to view EU West and the complete list of available servers.

Thanks for your patience!

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of this article, the recent difficulties of the title seem to be attributable to the decidedly out of scale number of users who have become passionate about the product and who have overloaded the IT infrastructure of the company. We also believe in the good faith of the developers, given that predicting such an impressive success (about 1 million players) and so sudden is definitely very complex if not nearly impossible to predict with certainty.

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