Lost Soul Aside and Convallaria will be published by Sony

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Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed the global release of Lost Soul Aside e Convallaria, both produced in China and waited on PlayStation 4 e PlayStation 5 in 2023 and 2024 respectively, according to what was declared during the launch event of the China Hero Project.

China Hero Project is an important initiative of Sony aimed at supporting Chinese independent developers, to help them increase their influence globally. The project has already gone through two phases in 2017 and 2019, resulting in over 17 titles including "Hardcore Mecha","YEAR: Mutantionem"and "In Nightmare“, all developed by small Chinese software houses adhering to the initiative. Sony intends to start a third phase, with significantly higher investments than the previous two.

"The scope of the third phase will be much larger than the previous ones," he said Bao Bo, representative of Sony in China. According to Bao, the Japanese house has invested considerable resources on both Lost Soul Aside that of Convallaria, and pins high hopes on both titles. According to Tatsuo Eguchi, new president of Sony a Shanghai, all investments that the company is making in China are aimed at equaling, with PlayStation 5, the number of PlayStation 4 sold in the Asian country. Because of this, Sony, decided to allocate over a million Yuan for each game that is part of China Hero Project.

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