Mario Kart 9 further than expected? Nintendo would work on the concept

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still very high in the rankings, but many are thinking about when Nintendo will give information on Mario Kart 9. In fact, for now the eighth title remains in the top 10 best-selling games of the year and there is no doubt that it continues to be one of the best Nintendo Switch titles, both in box version and digitally.

Mario Kart 9 will surely arrive, but no one knows when, and the former president of Nintendo America cannot give any kind of information on what is going on. within the software house. But it seems he has an idea of ​​how Nintendo operates, compared to the fans.

On the Kinda Funny Games YouTube channel there is a video that spoke with Reggie to get some information on the new game he sees protagonist Mario, Luigi and all the others on Go-Kart.

Here is his statement: «When you think of Mario Kart 9… The mentality is that of wanting to do something great or new, an experience on the platform. Mario Kart 8 was a really nice title on Wii U that came to Nintendo Switch, so they will probably be working on the Mario Kart 9 concept. So they won't release Mario Kart 9 until they understand what could be new, different, fun. The one that could propel the franchise forward. This is what they want to do with every single iteration ».

So according to Reggie, Nintendo is working on the new title for Mario Kart, but until they find a formula that can work well and make the gaming experience best for everyone. So to get more information on Mario Kart 9 you will have to wait a long time, for the moment you can not help but have fun with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and its pass for additional courses, which added historical and new tracks, so as to making the title even more fun and keeping it very fresh.

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