Mario + Rabbids 2 Sparks of Hope: release date revealed from the Ubisoft Store

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SECURITY UPDATE TRAINING: The Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase has confirmed the release date of October 20, 2022.

Who would have thought that in the headquarters of Ubisoft Milan they would have worked on a Nintendo game, and that this would have been so successful that they would see a second one, entitled Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (or more commonly, Mario + Rabbids 2), which would have a release date set for October 20. While it hasn't been talked about for a while, now information about this game is coming out again, which could be released as early as October of this year.

The "leak" comes directly fromUbisoft Store, which has listed the game for that month, a date not too strange if we think about the fact that in August we could even see it at Gamescom, where Ubisoft has confirmed its presence. The only thing that worries is this silence that has persisted since E3 2021, when the game was revealed as a surprise: but nothing for this year, even if the Los Angeles event was divided into small events, given that the strange couple has not shown up (yet).

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope brings together characters from the Nintendo world of Super Mario, that is Mario, Luigi, Peach (and maybe many others) with the wackiest Ubisoft characters ever, the Rabbids. We already know that the new chapter will abandon the tactical grid system to opt for something more fluid and action; moreover, in this new adventure there will not only be one planet, but more than one and we will be able to choose between 9 heroes to form our team.

Cursa's malign influence has reached every corner of the universe. His goal is to consume the enigmatic Sparks (creatures as prodigious as they are powerful, created by the fusion of the Rabbids and the Lashes) and he will stop in front of nothing or anyone. Lead a team of your favorite Mario and Rabbids characters to restore order to the universe and save the Sparks. Embark on an unforgettable journey that will take you to visit mysterious, absurd and unpredictable planets, with wacky inhabitants and breathtaking adventures!

Fonte: Ubisoft Via: GamesRadar
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