Marvel Games will develop 3 different video games with Electronic Arts

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It looks like Marvel Games has struck a deal to create three different video games with Electronic Arts. When it comes to sports video games, the company certainly most famous and probably one of the most capable is certainly Electronic Arts, but this time the software house will have to flex its muscles with the Marvel franchises.

At the beginning of 2022 Marvel Games and EA announced that they had entered into a partnership to develop a new title, focused on the events of Iron Man, which as we know is in the early stages of development at Motive Studio. The two companies, however, have decided to make a further agreement that provides for the production of two other additional titles always belonging to the Marvel universe.

The announcement of this new agreement was officially released by EA through a press release, revealing that he is about to put two more games on the production line in addition to that of Iron Man that will be released on consoles and PC. The first title on the list is obviously the one focused on the events of Tony Stark, who, however, should introduce us to a new version of the character, a bit like success with Spider-Man and the Avengers.

In the press release EA did not reveal what the two new projects are, although at the beginning of this summer it was rumored that the software house was about to put into production a video game focused on Black Panther. The rumors were about a production on a new studio created in Seattle that includes the veterans who developed Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

The press release hardly leaves us dumbfounded, given that we were already aware of the collaboration born between Marvel and EA, which together form a economic productive power of very high thickness, despite the software house has often been at the center of major criticism, for some titles linked to other important intellectual properties.

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