Marvel's Spider-Man: Daredevil arrives on PC with a mod

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Daredevil he became a character playable in Marvel's Spider-Man, developed by Insomniac Games, thanks to a fan mod on NexusMods, TheRealiceMage. Fans of the franchise have long wanted to get their hands on the character of Daredevil, but in the actual game he still suffers from his absence. TheRealiceMage stated, regarding his work on creating the mod:

Here it is, I created the first custom model imported into the game! I am super excited to publish it! Daemon has publicly released its model importer tool, and anyone can use it, so come check it out!

Players can install the mod using a program called Spider-Man PC Tool by the aforementioned software engineer known as Daemon. TheRealiceMage has provided instructions to proceed with this important step:

You have to use Spider-Man PC Tool to install this mod. You need to extract the ZIP file and use the Mod Manager option for installation. Then you need to add the mod file, select the checkbox next to it and press Install Mod. The whole installation process is extraordinarily simple. Players can then easily remove the mod as soon as they wish to return to the original version of the game. Just uncheck the checkbox next to the mod file within the Mod Manager and hit Install Mod in Game.

TheRealiceMage recommends avoid long jumps and large swings to enjoy an optimal experience, as the model could turn into a series of random polygons when it's too far.

Fonte: NexusMods
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